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Can schools do this?

BridgetJones101: My daughter's school (junior) has announced that they will finish for Christmas two days earlier than the date published, because the new building is now ready and they need to get things set up for January! Are they allowed to do this? We had all our childcare sorted out for the Christmas holidays and now we will have to pay extra or lose some of my husband's annual leave. What about her education - is it OK to lose a few days here and there?

Pearlessence: Yes. There will be a lot of shifting to do and the teachers will be getting stuck in over and above what they should really be doing, just to make the new school ready. It's exhausting work, so be generous in your thoughts.

ScotSEN: Schools are entitled to three days for a move. Having been involved in one, I can tell you it's not enough. Everyone worked far more than normal hours.

sbf: If only parents were as concerned about their sprogs' education as the teaching staff, then education would be so much better. I lose count of the number of days kids take off for holidays in term time.

didactophobe: What could be "better things to do" than getting a nice shiny new school provided at taxpayers' expense ready for the start of next term? School is not a childcare service. A couple more days for the family to be together over Christmas should not be a hardship.

Jonowen: I know childcare must be a pain when it has to be re-planned but there is a solution - become a stay-at-home mum. School is not a babysitting circle and parents are none too pleased when we ask them not to take their kids off for holidays in the cheaper times.

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