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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Curriculum for Excellence anti-academic?

Issor2: I fear for academic pupils in the lower school. Will they be able to fulfil their potential or will they be stifled in the name of active learning and experiences?

Segbog: CfE is about everyone is a winner - unfortunately it's rubbish. We dumb down and forget why we are actually teaching. Not everyone can get a qually yet everyone does now . total rubbish.

Jennett: Dunno how much of my teaching practice is CfE (I am a newish teacher) but I have a small group of v. keen and able pupils in my class. I encourage and push them on to fulfil their full potential and believe that we can do this through active learning and child-led learning. They are currently learning times tables and are often "active" in chanting their tables together and testing one another (peer assessment?).

Issor2: I worry that we may end up with children who will be put into a state of shock when they alight on a university campus after all these years spent learning in an active way.

CanuckGrrl: The misguided interpretation of "active" learning as "bums off seats" has led children in my school to expect it to be continuous fun. I wonder what will happen when they get to secondary. Not to mention the world of work: we are doing a whole generation of children a huge disservice by leading them to think that learning must be easy and fun. It's also hard and serious work that demands their best attention and performance.

CheesyWotsits: Active learning means the brain is active, not the body.

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