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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

N45H chemical and curricular structure

therightchoice?: Teaching the National 45 courses as of AugustJune? At our school we're led to believe we're miles ahead . clearly not! We're preparing an S3 course to be taught from June, bucking the trend of other schools in the area and offering a choice of sciences in S3, rather than teaching on a rota or still just teaching science! To do this we are delivering Level 4 outcomes but with more emphasis on skills than content. I'm trying to marry up what's been published, what we thought we would teach in S3 and what the pupils need for S4 - major headache! Time allocated to teach National 45 will be tight as we will only have 3 periods over the time given to the course. Anyone else feel there is still too much content in National 45 to focus on skills?

Barbiedoll59: Teaching Nat 4 covers Level 4 Es amp; Os. Nat 5 is content- driven but basically the old O-grade syllabus, so we used to manage all that and include lots of experiments - but for high flyers. The problem arises when you try to meld Nat 4amp;5 - there are lots of bits that don't fit easily. You can't teach either in one year on 3x45-min periods - the documents (give) the time expected to be allocated to each course.

cochrane1964: Our LA has kept the S12, S34, S56 model due to concern over staffing carnage, so we will have about eight weeks to write two two- year courses. We are bricking it but no one is listening. Reminds me of the SQA fiasco.

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