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Sum issues with 2+2+2 and 3+3

gnulinux: 2+2+2 is similar to the existing structure and so known and therefore safe. 3+3 with its 3rd year of BGE is more risky in a number of ways. Less time for N45s. Narrowing of the curriculum is almost a certainty. Subjects at risk of disappearing altogether - jeopardising pupil choice and preparedness for future education andor work. Discuss.

Effinbankers: A 3+3 model means you can put all your seniors in the same class (S4, S5 and S6), thus maximising class sizes and effectively cutting teachers. Also some subjects are being encouraged to "integrate" right up to S3 - this is about school timetabling flexibility. Let's not be kidded - it's a Trojan horse for saving money.

kibosh: And my guess is that smaller schools, which already suffer from a lack of "economy of scale" when it comes to spreading the CfE workload, are going to be hit the hardest with this fresh hell.

jonowen: Nail, head, whack.

sbf: What about 1+2+2+1? Yes folks, it's out there.

finnstark: 1+2+2+1. This system works well where I am. Pupils allowed time to change direction after sitting StandardsIntermeds at end of 3rd year if needed. Also not stuck in lessons not interested in for three years.

John the debate at

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