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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Yesterday's elections

jonowen: Who do you think will do best for education?

socrates82: I've liked the way Hugh Henry has spoken. He has been very supportive of supply teachers in respect of last year's draconian wage cut.

halfajack: Considering the recent changes to our working conditions - they were agreed by Labour-dominated Cosla and the SNP government as a response to cuts from the ConDems, my votes go to smaller parties - the Greens state that they will work for better working conditions for teachers.

Effinbankers: I came across the Tory PPB (party political broadcast) the other day. They are taking the credit for the improvements in educational attainment in South Ayrshire. All they have presided over is a savage cut on staffing, increased class sizes and increased interference in curriculum design by our LA.

vforvendetta: Education in this country has been ruined by decades of "socialists". Give me free schools any day. Greens are away with the fairies. Private schools have surged ahead, and will benefit further under CfE.

morrisseyritual: The SNP need a bloodied nose. Their inexperience at the mechanisms of actually running a country shines through. Mike Russell is an aphorism-spouting dolt.

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