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champagnecharlie: Does anyone know if EIS has any intention of joining SSTA on the work to rule? This whole thing would be more effective if we all did it.

Dominie: If that's what EIS members on the ground want, then they should demand that their representatives on EIS Council implement their wishes.

Effinbankers: Has anyone heard anything of the NASUWT work to rule? It's been going for six months and I haven't heard of it being a great success.

holdingon: I agree it would be more effective if EIS were to be involved. It is a gradual effect that would be seen - sustainable as well.

champagnecharlie: I'm just worried people won't stick to it and it will be ineffective.

CanuckGrrl: If you really make an effort to work to contract, you'll find that you get your life back. That's rather addictive, and not something I'm going to give up in a hurry.

Dominie: Past president Peter Wright at SSTA congress today said the EIS should demonstrate its commitment to work with the other unions by moving to a ballot on a work to contract. New EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan was at the back of the hall. Was he listening?

triadplus1: He took loads of notes. So we'll see.

Effinbankers: Surprised he was at the SSTA conference. He's also going round to speak to all the EIS local area organisations and members. Maybe there's a change of tack coming.

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Tes Editorial

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