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Starting a choir

crumpetsandtea24: I want to start a staff choir at my school. Good idea? Bad idea? Would you join? What would you wanna sing? I want to open the choir up to all, regardless of musicalsinging background.

lesleydramaqueen: I think it's a great idea. Could really lift spirits in these "interesting times".

champagnecharlie: I was in the choir in my old school. We used to do a mixture of pop songs (Take That etc) and hymns. I really enjoyed it.

speedy1: Great idea. We have staff choir in our school. Only manage about 30 mins a week at lunch but it is a real stress buster. Everyone is welcome, office staff, support assistants. We vary from 20 to 35 staff depending on time of year. We all really enjoy it - a really sociable 30 mins.

persiankat: We had a staff and pupil choir at school - it's a great way to let off steam and get to know folk at lunchtimes out of the usual school environment. We always performed at the Christmas concert, but when the staff member who did it retired, no one else took it on. I miss it loads. It was great fun.

Socrates82: It would make a nice change for teachers to be singing from the same song sheet.

Dominie: Used to sing in our staff choir until a couple of years ago. Great for relaxing with colleagues and taking your mind off work for a bit. Also a great team building exercise.

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