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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

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champagnecharlie: Can I ask what folk are doing regarding these courses? Are you planning on covering the same topics but at different levels? The problem with that is lack of progression, ie, a pupil doing N4 in S4 will go on to N5 in S5, so will be covering the same topics, albeit at different levels. If doing different topics to ensure progression, this then becomes very difficult to manage in regards to bi-level classes.

Cthulthu: In English, N4 and N5 are completely different in terms of content, so no chance of bi-level classes. The set Scottish texts is going to be a joke: how will we afford them, for a start? We've got 200+ S4 pupils and, this year, 140 higher candidates. Most of the Scottish texts on the long list will be pound;5-pound;10, the poetry volumes more expensive. That's the per capita gone in one fell swoop.

airy: Are they really suggesting whole volumes of poetry rather than just two or three poems?

halfajack: They've not a clue and only consulted us a few weeks ago. They still haven't decided what will count as a "Scottish text".

airy: Piecing together nuggets of information from various sources, I think the textual analysis will be based on a seen text but also ask questions related to the rest of the novelplay or other poemsstories.

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