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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Faculty systems - do they work?

bonanza26: Edinburgh council is introducing a faculty system in secondary schools, halving its promoted posts in some schools with apparently no impact on frontline services. Any have experience of the faculty system and comments to make?

GuessWho: It was the introduction of faculties that led to many ex-PTs being promised lifetime conservation (remember that) if they stepped aside. I am surprised that faculties continue to be foisted on us . it's just a money-saving process.

Airy: I've seen some really weird combinations of subjects into a mismatched faculty.

lookinglost: I am aware of at least one region where they have promised ex-PTs who have stepped aside, to allow the faculty systems to be set up, that they would not have their salaries cut if the Cosla proposals were taken up. The faculty system is working very well for the faculty I'm in. However, there have been problems in other faculties, issues coming from departments that have no clear common ground being thrown together, ex-PTs not being professional and causing problems (sometimes understandably) and some small departments being left with no experienced staff. I think for faculties to work well, the departments have to fit.

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