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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Paying for resources

teachingforages: Breakfast is just one thing some teachers pay for. What do you pay for? I pay for scissors, glue and other things. It isn't right, but having the equipment helps you get through the day doing your job. No one listens and all you hear is "cuts, cuts and cuts".

mydoll: It's not right, but it makes my life easier if I have the right tools for the job. I have bought laminating pouches, dice, counters, marking stampsstickers, subscription to an interactive games-based site. I have always put my hand in my pocket to provide "nice extras", but now it is basic resources I am buying.

triadplus1: I've added a box to my forward plans for predicted costs to be met in order to implement them.

vforvendetta: I have a policy of providing nothing. They all have mobile phones and spend a fortune on rubbish for lunch, so why should I dig into my supply-teacher pockets? If they don't have a pen or pencil, they are not doing the work set, so they are threatened with detention.

triadplus1: And then a pupil complains of sore feet . because his shoes are too small. I have told his parents but given past experiences, I will be taking an old pair of my son's shoes and wellies in on Monday.

holdingon: Bonkers, please stop papering over the cracks.

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