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A teacher who doesn't know the curriculum - what to do?

A teacher who doesn't know the curriculum - what to do?

smob: I recently came across a supply teacher who was in a class for a whole term. On my first day of meeting her this week she confessed that she didn't know the Es and Os at all and she showed me the plans (as I was taking over the class).

The planning was erratic, with no plans in place for the same day and no reference to curriculum at all. For a normal class it would be bad, but for a class that is slowly moving from a unit to mainstream it is disastrous. She has been out of teaching for 12 years.

vforvendetta: Been doing supply for years. Haven't looked at Es and Os. Just teach physics. May be different if you are primary and micromanaged.

grunwald: Agree with vfv. Supply teachers have this annoying habit of actually teaching things. Might well be different in primary, though.

morrisseyritual: There is no guidance in the CfE documents for ASN, learning support and SEBN. Usually the Es and Os are dictated by the departments and year groups which the ASN department does complementary work for - invariably maths and English. How can you criticise a supply teacher operating temporary cover who wasn't given any direction?

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