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Do you think this could happen in Scotland?

Do you think this could happen in Scotland?


- I have a vision of a new elite squad of teachers parachuting into our playground. One would come storming into my class (a cape streaming behind his Armani suit) and shout, "Step away from the blackboard, you fool!" as the A-Team theme tune blasts from the school tannoy system.

poor tom

- Ooh, highly-qualified teachers! With a degree, and specialist qualfications! Is this the same Michael Gove who wants academies to be the norm in England... and said that the best "teacher" for the job might not actually be a qualified teacher, so they don't have to employ qualified teachers any more?


- We might smirk but I'm afraid that anything that is currently the norm in schools down south will happen up here sooner or later. Redundancies, competency procedures to get rid of older teachers, working conditions and hours which seem to be based more on the HT's say-so rather than nationally defined rules? It's all coming our way and most people can't even see it.


- I would hope Scotland already has degree-qualified teachers in every classroom and so has no need to parachute them in.


- Forget degree-qualified... we're all going to have our MEd.

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