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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

SSTA push on indiscipline

socrates82: I'm glad the SSTA is highlighting indiscipline as a problem that should be addressed better than it is at present.

kibosh: Do we really need this issue highlighted (yet again) when we are living it every working day? I can only see yet another raft of initiatives being thrown at us.

Effinbankers: Discipline has got worse through inclusion. Yes, there are children who previously would have been in special schools who have benefited from mainstream, but there are more and more "nutjobs" in our schools who simply choose not to behave and who take up a great deal of time and money. Things will get worse as the Tory cuts bite and the ASN assistants and behaviour support specialists are "sleekily" withdrawn. Unions need to be on the ball.

catmother: Having changed from the EIS to SSTA after the sold out deal, I'm equally unimpressed by both.

Dominie: I think the SSTA's point is that some progress was made following the setting up of the task group by Jack McConnell but that this has run into the sand. Mike Russell's smug comments on the BBC (last week) served to underline this: the statistics have been massaged via a mixture of no-exclusion policies, bullying and unsympathetic managers.

Flyonthewall75: It would be interesting to see Mike Russell, actually take a class and demonstrate how it's all just a matter of training, engaging lessons and effective behaviour management.

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