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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Surplus rules for faculties

spectre89: Let's say I'm a teacher working in a faculty. I am the last art teacher to arrive in the faculty and have been told I have been identified as surplus. Now let's say there are three drama teachers in the faculty. Each has been at the school longer than I have. However, I have far longer service with the local authority. Should one of these drama teachers be made surplus instead of me?

Effinbankers: Surplus declarations can be quite complex and can often depend on the length of permanency as well as service in a school (plus other factors). You need to contact your local area union rep as soon as possible, who will need to take it up with a personnel officer if you think you have been declared surplus in error.

spectre89: What "other factors" might be taken into account?

Effinbankers: Could include if anyone has part-time service or has recently been transferred themselves. I recall from my time as a rep that there was a surplus being declared in my old school and both staff concerned were employed by Strathclyde Region on the same start date in the same school. Very messy.

airy: Surplus isn't as simple as last in, first out. Chat to your union rep for more detail, but in a mixed-subject faculty the demand for particular subjects will be an issue.

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