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Posted by macduart

I have not posted before but I am so annoyed I have signed up today. Our school is in the process of getting a new head. Two adverts have failed to appoint anyone. We are on the third attempt. Staff at the school are not kept informed. We had to read the date of the interview in our local paper on Friday. Does anyone know if this is common practice and is it acceptable?

Posted by Dominie

All too typical I am afraid. Presumably there is someone in an acting position at the moment? That person is probably lacking in confidence or too afraid of fouling their own nest to keep the staff informed.

Posted by troontoon

You aren't south of Glasgow are you? We are having the same problem - cannot find an HT and not told what is going on ... Never heard of dates being put in paper tho ... is this allowed?

Posted by carol75

This sounds like a school near me. (The first hurdle has been getting people to apply for the post.) Staff should be kept informed. I have been at two schools when a new HT was appointed - at one we were kept informed (even telling us who was being interviewed) and at the other we were told nothing. This was within the same authority so it seems there are no guidelines.

Posted by macduart

We are in the north but not Highland region! The local authority is not endearing itself to staff by keeping them in the dark. I think it's called mushroom management.

Posted by troontoon

Same story for us ... we hear after it all has happened - not enough applicants, folk dropping out, got post somewhere else etc, etc. It is not too much to ask for staff to know what is going on.

Posted by northeastmadcow

Now the date has been in the paper it might be noticed if you were out of school on a particular day chatting to mushroom managers!

Posted by 78teach

We are also in transition between HTs but the AHT has been superb in keeping us informed. We know how many applicants (more than we envisaged) and how many are current HTs. Don't know names. We've been told the date for the walkround. Thinking perhaps we're lucky to have such an open AHT.

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