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Implications of Cosla deal for supply staff

Posted by mustbecrazy

To set the record straight, the agreement that Cosla is trying to enforce is "Sufficient teaching posts available for all probationers who achieve Standard for Full Registration in summer 2011". There is no mention in this of permanency, nor of every probationer getting a job, nor even of only probationers getting the jobs that are made available. The following point in the agreement is "A reduction in the total number of unemployed teachers". Glasgow, which has signed up to this agreement, has stated to the Government that its policy will be to protect teachers' posts as far as possible within the constraints of a reduced grant settlement.

Posted by birdie72

I have been on supply for several years now. These years have been the most difficult and demanding of my life and I have worked hard to get to the top of my pay scale. My plan was to get to the point where I could afford to work part-time. When I heard the news that I would have to go back to point 1, I cried. I am prepared to strike if necessary but I am worried that teachers with a permanent contract will not follow. If there are any permanent jobs out there, will I be unemployable because I am at the top of the pay scale? Will interview panels know my current salary?

Posted by vforvendetta

I too am at the top of the scale, and fear that supply will no longer be viable. Work has been sporadic over the past couple of years, and it's only set to get worse. Should these proposals be put into place, I could see my annual income drop well below pound;20K. If I apply for jobs, I am not invited for interview, and the jobs usually go to a recent probationer. Many application forms ask for your current salary point, and your teaching experience will make it clear you are not recently qualified.

Posted by ryeland

Last year, I was well short of pound;20k. A pay cut would be pretty tough. pound;20k is doing well for a year on supply. As for experience, myjobscotland applications have all the schools you have worked in, so it will show, but it wouldn't be news to a selection panel that supply staff are on a low wage. Other than one successful interview, long ago, all my work has come off the supply list, so I intend toughing it out if required, but it's best if they are stopped., then go to Forums and click on Supply teachers.

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