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Meeting of SNCT and EIS response

Meeting of SNCT and EIS response

Posted by braemar

"The teachers' side submitted a claim for a pay increase which would meet the key principles set out in the remit of the SNCT," (the EIS says). "The response of Cosla and Scottish Government was to indicate that they would not offer any increase in pay - both for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

"The Scottish Government and Cosla also set out demands for changes to certain conditions of service that would reduce the paybill by pound;60m. The changes they proposed, in return for unspecified staffing promises, include:

- Removal of lifetime salary conservation;

- Short-term supply teachers to be paid at scale point 1 and only for teaching hours;

- Freeze on entry to and progression through the chartered teacher scheme;

- Cutting annual paid leave entitlement to 40 days;

- Increasing max probationer contact time from 0.7 to 0.9 of that for a fully-registered teacher."

They talk about cutting our annual paid leave entitlement to 40 days. Would this mean we have to work an extra 25 days?

Posted by sbf

They want to knock 5 weeks off our pay. Probably works out at pound;200 per month pay cut for most.

Posted by mossop

The way I read the 40 days thing was that if you're off long-term sick or on maternity leave, you can claim at the moment up to 65 days of holidays - under the new proposals you could "only" claim 40 days. We'd still get our holidays.

Posted by Freddie92

First thing we can do is boot out the SNP and get Labour back in. Jack McConnell looked after us. If they do touch holidays, there will be no one left in teaching. So now they are going to hit us in the pocket, meaning that the catch-up deal of McCrone will be consigned to history.

Posted by JPM1967

Just to clarify a few things .

- We definitely are paid for all our holidays at present, accrued at a rate of 0.338 for each of the 195 days worked. So, 195 x 0.338 = 66 days' paid holiday. 195 + 66 + 104 (weekends) = calendar 365 days.

- My understanding is that the proposed restriction to 40 days is for the calculation of "parental leave". It is designed to stop people claiming additional holidays when they have been on maternity leave., then go to Forums and click on Opinion.

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