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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Restricted applications for jobs

Auntie: In this week's TESS I noticed that Fife, Midlothian and North Lanarkshire councils were offering salaries of pound;25,716-34,200. Does this mean chartered teachers are not welcome to apply? Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire councils offer up to pound;41,925 (CT).

catmother: You'd need to check with those LAs but I've always seen non- promoted jobs advertised with salaries on the "normal" payscale. I don't think this means CTs are not allowed to apply. I assume their salaries will be adjusted to reflect CT status once they have been appointed.

misterroy: When would you tell them you are a CT - before or after you get the job offer?

catmother: I assume you would put it in your application form as a selling point? I've noticed Aberdeen City put in the salary to CT pointage, but Aberdeenshire doesn't. I really do not think that it means that the Shire doesn't welcome CTs. In fact, out of those two LAs, City is the one with the worse financial problems.

misterroy: But they might prefer a cheaper employee.

davieee: In this climate, the chances of an LA hiring a CT when there is a bucketful of teachers on point 1 of the main grade scale are virtually nil.

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