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Ending of fast track to chartered teacher status ... unfair?

Posted by Spider Pig

As many of you know, the last chance to get bumped up to the top of the CT scale is upon us. But is this fair to the rest of the profession who will miss out?

Posted by catmother

I assume the idea was that, at the creation of the chartered teacher programme, there would be teachers who had already done extras for their school. Therefore, it was fair that they would be rewarded without having to do the whole programme. It's probably thought that those teachers have now had enough time to put in their claim.

Posted by bigjimmy

The whole idea is a bit of a fudge, eg, does being a CT make you a better teacher than one who isn't? No, it doesn't. Do CTs have additional teaching or school responsibilities? No, they don't. CT status is a wee pretendy position created to ensure there was some sort of "progression" for teachers. It wasn't fully thought through.

Posted by auntsponge

Ending fast track to CT status is fair, because enough time has elapsed to have allowed any interested parties to take advantage of it. The playing field has to be levelled at some point. CT does have the potential to make you a better teacher - a more educated and critically reflective practitioner. How can that be a bad thing?

Posted by Spider Pig

I think it is unfair that people like myself will have to go through the modular system when we may have better experience etc than someone who is at the top of the scale. I am being penalised for not being in teaching one year earlier! It is very unfair. I may NOT undertake the CT programme and try and bluff a 30-minute promoted interview to get the same dough but, I guess, more status. It is easier to do that than spend a fortune and hours of my free time to work towards something that is basically being handed on a plate to other people.

Posted by ScotSEN

Not unfair. If you were eligible and wanted to do it, you should have done it by now. Spider Pig, if you take on extra responsibility for extra work, that's fine - I'm guessing in the long run that the extra workloadstress involved in that and the workstress required for CT will balance out.

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