While you were studying your PGDE?

While you were studying your PGDE?

Posted by sata84

I'm heading to Jordanhill in August to do my PGDE Primary and want to know the truth about the life I am going to have, or not have! I've heard stories of seeing no one, not having nights out for the year, basically just having no life whatsoever cos you're just locked in your room doing work and more work! How much of this is true?

Posted by sir2006

At Glasgow, the days were 9-5, but I had most of the weekend to myself and perhaps one or two nights per week after a bit of work when I went home. It's not too bad as long as you keep on top of things.

Posted by ogy358

Yes, it is a tough and very busy year but it is so important to make time for yourself and friends. I focused all week on working for school and uni, then came back home to Edinburgh every weekend to be with my boyfriend - even during placements. Yes, sometimes I had work to do but I made sure I had time off too and I had a fab year! Good luck and have a fab hol before the madness all begins!!

Posted by Futurama2006

You will no doubt encounter those who work all evenings and then all weekend. This is ludicrous and very unhealthy. Set yourself limits 9-6 or equivalent. But set limits and stick to them. Also avoid teachers (students, probationers, qualified) at the weekend - because they will end up talking about teaching. Have a life that is completely separate from teaching.

Posted by starchild85

It will probably be worst during placement where lesson plans and findingmaking resources seemed to keep me up most week nights. Don't time waste - decide what you are going to do and stick to it. Also, our class had a fair few nights out and we all managed to get through the year! Good luck!

Posted by coffeekid

Just make sure your lesson plans are up to date and you begin any essays well before the hand-in date. In essence, keep yourself organised and you'll be fine. Most of your learning will be from your placements, so soak it all up. Oh, and enjoy your weekends.

Posted by sata84

You've all put my worrying at bay just now lol! Thanks!

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