How many interviews did you have?

Posted by jenmac

Apart from those re-employed in their probation posts, how many interviews did you have before securing a post? What do you think is the norm? I have had six and no job! For secondary, in a so-called shortage subject.

Posted by bigjimmy

It was lots. I know people who have had 30-plus over a number of years before they landed a job. But there are people who got their job at their first or second interview.

Posted by shubunkin1

One. I was willing to leave the central belt. There is a lot less competition for jobs in HighlandislandBorder authorities.

Posted by jenmac

I can't move as my husband has his business here and children in school. He has supported me financially while I quit my old job and had no income for a year.

Posted by sel_chick

I had one and got the job. Then I wanted to change and I had one again. Both were for jobs I really wanted. I'm either lucky or have fantastic interview technique.

Posted by persiankat

It depends on what they're looking for - internal candidates, if there was a probationer (how good they were), how many jobs are going, the questions you get, how good the interviewers are . It's luck, and who you know. My feedback was always: "You gave a good interview, but ." Frustrating. I went for six interviews and was offered the job on the sixth.

Posted by GhostPoster

I got a job from my first interview, but I was willing to teach outside the central belt. If you can move, you should. Getting a job in the central belt is not what I'd want.

Posted by allybally

I was successful in my third interview, and I was invited for another two interviews after that, for jobs I had already applied for. That was out of 26 applications, so not a great success rate. I don't do well in interviews but I was required to teach a lesson as part of the successful one, and I suspect that was what redeemed me!

Posted by leesey

I've often wondered if taking a lesson should be a compulsory part of a teaching interview.

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