How do I explain why I left probation?

Posted by greenbanana

I left my probation school because of bullying. I got a supply post in England and left with a good interim profile and reference. I'd like to finish probation by supply but I don't know how to explain why I left the probation school. Will they contact them for a reference?

Posted by leesey

1) How long did you work in England for?

2) Do you have permission to copy the reference from the school to use for all your job applications here?

3) Is it the same authority as your probationer school that you plan to do supply in?

If you have substantial experience teaching, you may not have to do a full year's probation. Contact GTCS about this. If you have permission to use the reference without awaiting a reply, send it. If you're applying to the same authority, expect questions. You may want to say you left for personal reasons, but remember the school may have told other people.

Posted by jane102

I have permission to copy the reference. I did six months there, so I have to do more time to complete probation. As I'm on the alternative route, I have to do 270 days.

Posted by fifi_folle

I am trying to work out how to say I failed a placement. It feels wrong to twist the truth, but equally you do not want to say anything which may harm employment prospects.

Posted by sarah79

Some HTs can be notorious in their authorities for being crazyevilbullyingaway with the fairies etc. In this case, no one will listen to them. Could the gap in employment not be explained away as settling in to your new home or time looking for a job?

Posted by quidditch

I left my probation year due to bullying. No one has ever asked me and if they do ask, I say I wanted to move back home. It's no one's business and it's your choice to tell.

Posted by a19pb

In the same authority, some schools are terrible places to work because of the bullying culture, whereas others can be healthy supportive environments. The healthy schools will know that the people chased out of the bullying schools are likely to be more competent and professional than those who stay.

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