Strikes and McCrone

Posted by grunwald

Does anyone know if a local authority can require its teaching staff to work in school on Unison strike days, as opposed to working a la McCrone at home? It strikes me as odd that an authority can claim that this is an "exceptional" day, thereby suspending McCrone.

Posted by ermaelnije

As far as I am aware, teachers should report for work as usual, but not carry out duties normally done by those on strike.

Posted by ScotSEN

We went in and did our work, but along with Unison members who were not striking we had to sign in.

Posted by grunwald

Both SSTA and EIS reps seem unsure but are going to take advice. It seems silly to ask hundreds of teachers in my authority to add to traffic, pollution and fuel waste by travelling unnecessarily to schools empty of pupils.

Posted by Winaukee

Our LA seems to be getting round the McCrone argument by setting up meetings during the day. This means that staff must be present to attend and can't work in the place of their choice. It's pants!

Posted by tiger2004

We all signed in first thing, had meetings before break, prep time between break and lunch and took our McCrone in the afternoon at home. High schools had to sign in but were free to leave.

Posted by faerywings

We had to turn up and sign in. Because there was a picket, the management staff didn't open the school because they didn't want to cross it. We all worked from home.

Posted by renniemac

What a great thread this is! I was annoyed at the waste of my time during the last strike day in August. The HT insisted we come in, said we would be working on A Journey to Excellence, then he pottered on the internet, talking to parents, having coffee and doing little. There are only two of us. I would have got three times as much done at home.

Posted by lilyrosequartz

We're closed to pupils again. Last time we could work on whatever we felt needed worked on. This time, "a programme of work will be published early next week". I think it's going to be death by meeting.

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