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Placement - what we have to deal with

Posted by MrsHammy

What kind of things have you been asked to do during placements?

Posted by Gillymay

I've been observing and helping with smaller groups. I am getting a lot of pressure to take some lessons and am freaked out by because I don't know how to structure a lesson or what to put in it.

Posted by Raymagnol

You should NOT be "taking lessons" during your placement.

Posted by Gillymay

I am going to take part of a lesson tomorrow. Depending on how that goes, I will try more in the week. The teacher is going to guide me through the structure and content, and S1 has materials for all classes.

Posted by 1add1equals2

Tomorrow I'll be alone with a class of Higher maths students, as their teacher is doing a primary visit. He has told them to do exercises from their book; I just have to "baby sit". I'm sure I'll be able to help if they have questions; and the other maths teacher is across the corridor.

Posted by rednelly84

I was a PGDE Primary student last year and we had to take lessons on our first placement as we had to complete a two-day responsibility period during the fourth or fifth week. You are on placement to learn, which includes taking classes.

Posted by Raymagnol

The fact is that we (ITE lecturers) TELL schools they should not be asking students to take lessons on their own until AFTER induction and only towards the end of the second week of their first teaching block, with the emphasis on observation of good practice.

Posted by MrsHammy

I have been left to take the whole primary class. I enjoyed my day. I need to brush up on control and management. The afternoon included a PE lesson, which I did with another class whose teacher is a probationer. So 53 children, probationer teacher, student teacher = one noisy lesson.

Posted by Raymagnol

It is nonsense you should be in the position of doubting your control and management skills when you're in your induction block. As for leaving 53 kids with a probationer and an induction placement student, the mind boggles!

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