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Is it true that most probationers get "kept on" in permanent jobs by the local education authority?


No, this is not true. The truth is that most probationers are not "kept on" and very few jobs are advertised internally. I don't know of any that have been. I do know of cases where probationers have been interviewed in their own school and the job has been given to someone with more experience. I also know of probationers who didn't get interviews in their own schools. A number of my friends haven't had any interviews at all, in their own authority or anywhere else.


Is there any good news? I start teacher training this August. Leaving a well paid job in science to teach in secondary seemed like a good decision a few months ago.


My friend is in secondary and is a success story. Three probationers in her subject, and one post was advertised. She was interviewed and got the job, so will be staying on in a place where she is happy and liked. I'm in primary and have a job 10 minutes from my house mostly down to my probation headteacher putting out good press about me, and my taking part in things that got my name known throughout the authority. It is possible. Sorry for being negative before.


It's not a given that the probationer at the school gets the job. There were several instances with my friends this year, some of whom didn't get an interview for vacancies at their schools, and some who got an interview but not the job, losing out to a probationer from another school. Finding a job as a probationer can be about being in the right place at the right time.

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