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****** (off) teacher

Posted by SaintED

I'm ****** (pissed), it's Xmasor any other day I choose to get ****** and I am going out. How do I behave?

- do I have to think how professional I am, even though I don't cause any problems?

- do I have to drink less to be professional?

- do I have to be teetotal to be professional?

Pupils get hammereddrugged, then come to school and attack teachers on a daily basis, however, we're the baddies, as always!!!

Posted by grunwald

Fair enough. Though I wouldn't want my affairs in the hands of a surgeon or solicitor who was a regular heavy bevy merchant! Mind you, I wouldn't want a hung-over electrician either.

Posted by SaintED

I wouldn't either. I am against drinking at work and the silly things that the nanny state comes up with. Weekendhols drinking with moderation is everybody's right. Now "Teachers who get drunk on a Saturday night could be barred from the classroom under a code of conduct that the profession's disciplinary body, the General Teaching Council, is drafting." What next?

Posted by Raymagnol

This seems to be a case of England merely catching up with Scotland: our registration has always been on the line for public order offences linked to alcohol - but NOT for going out and having a drink. And what's the problem with saying that teachers will lose their registration if they don't seek help for alcohol and drug addiction?

Posted by dictaphobe

As always, you are wrong, Ray. This is not about convictions for public order offences. What is being proposed is the possibility of cancelling someone's registration and taking away their livelihood where there is no criminal offence. The heid yin at the GTCE is suggesting that they should end a teacher's career where they have not even committed an offence. "Alcohol or substance abuse" could apply to any one of us who has had a few drinks on a night out.

I don't have any problem with the GTC monitoring any criminal offence committed by a teacher, nor monitoring a teacher who clearly has a problem with drink or drugs. This, however, is about giving them the power of the StasiKGBGestapo.

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