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Allegation equals conviction

Posted byCanuckGrrl

A teacher has been struck off the register over allegations she had a sexual relationship with a pupil in Dundee. The police took no action and she was neither charged nor tried in court. She has lost her career after a "private" hearing, ostensibly on the word of a 17-year-old pupil.

Posted by seren_dipity

There is a difference between the law and standards as they apply to teachers, who need to be aware of that. By getting into a compromising situation with a 17-year-old former pupil, the teacher did not necessarily break any laws but the standard is that we do not get into this situation with anyone under 18.

Posted by smirk

Boy stabs teacher. Boys receives counselling. Teacher stabs boy. Teacher goes to prison. Therein lie all the problems of our schools. A former head of Ofsted is married to a former student. If he had this kind of relationship now, he would potentially face prison. If a 23-year-old man has sex with a 17-year-old, assuming it is not rape, nothing happens. If he is a teacher, he could be in trouble. The law concerning teachers and 16 to 18-year-olds is at odds with human rights legislation and privacy. Either there is sexual majority or not.

Posted by Dominie

The teacher in question would have been given every opportunity to defend herself. If she was a trade union member she would have been supporteddefended by a full-time officer. The disciplinary committee would have operated according to guidelines which have to comply with UK law and European human rights legislation. The committee has a number of possible findings other than striking off. (This was not the case in the past.) While it is not appropriate to comment on individual cases, the assumption would have to be that, having heard the evidence, the committee decided that in this case the teacher's actions were serious enough to warrant being struck off.

Posted byCanuckGrrl

I wish I had as much trust in the system as you do. The good thing about the public court system, in contrast with a disciplinary committee hearing, is that it's open and transparent, so justice is not only done but is seen to be done.

Posted by seren_dipity

It is not illegal to sleep withkissmisbehave with a 17-year-old but it IS against teaching standards., click on TES Scotland, opinion.

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