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EIS condemns cut to teacher training

EIS condemns cut to teacher training

Posted by categed

"In education the axe has fallen on teacher training, with a spend on teachers of pound;31.8 million declining to pound;22.1 million . The EIS . condemned cuts to teacher training. Ronnie Smith, the general secretary, said: `Scotland needs more teachers, not fewer, and today's announcement will inevitably lead to fewer teachers in our classrooms and larger class sizes for pupils.'

Do we not have a surplus of teachers who can't find a job? Reducing the budget and the number of people training makes sense and gives people a chance of finding a job. Why would the EIS be against this?

Posted by Raymagnol

The EIS argument is that all teachers currently unemployed should be employed, in lowering class sizes, delivering CfE, etc. It is calling for investment in education.

Posted by Old Pa Grumpinuts2

There isn't the money to pay for additional teachers. Class size reduction and additional manpower to get CfE resources running would be wise long- term. No matter how much Labour and SNP bleat about the glut of post- probationers, not many are going to get jobs. Best to shut off the pipeline.

Posted by vforvendetta

A few years of cutting back the number of trainees will stabilise overcapacity. Once we remove the surplus, teachers will be in a better position to negotiate pay deals from a supply and demand perspective.

Posted by bigjimmy

Spot on, veef. Why keep on making new teachers when there's no demand? If we need new teachers in X years, then train them.

Posted by dominie

I'd suspend probationer placements for at least a year after session 2010- 11. That would give the system time to soak up excess and give schools relief from the revolving door approach to probationers.

Posted by assister

What about the B.Eds who took up places with the same "promise" extended? If such a suspension was enforced, surely it should be taken from entrants' start date? This year's B.Eds won't qualify until 2013 .

Posted by vforvendetta

In the Herald, some daft Labour wummin condemned the cuts to the University Education Budgets, saying we need to maintain it because Scotland is already 1,000 teachers down!? Has she not been listening? Slash their budgets.

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