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I want to punch my incompetent PT in the face

Posted by spectre89

I am an NQT in my second year of a permanent teaching post. I have posted here about my incompetent, lazy PT before. I work hard and know I'm a good teacher.

After a colleague and I recently "blew the whistle", there were meetings with SMT where it was agreed that certain responsibilities would be delegated to my colleague and myself. But the PT ignores my work and then just does the task in their own, back-covering way.

The PT has not issued any homework materials or policy for over five years; tries to make us lie in departmental meetings and when we refuse, produces fake minutes. I am banned from teaching Higher in my subject, because the PT was slagging me off to SMT. My Standard grade classes are all being "set", while I am given the "bottom" set every single time.

The PT faked a set of Standard grade test scores so they would be higher than my class, then said to me the other day, "How's that for a slap?" The department results have been among the worst in our local authority for years. This PT is destroying my self-esteem, what can I do?

Posted by mossop

Keep a note of any evidence, write down anything that is said . Keep doing your job to the best of your ability so that you can provide evidence of your own capabilities. Get in touch with your union rep. If the school rep is uninterested, take it to your local authority rep.

Posted by MilkyBar Kid

Jump ship! It looks like your PT is unlikely to move on, so you should plan your exit, build your CV with a view to leaving. You could either request a transfer through your LA (citing the above) or apply for other posts. It's just a job and if it's causing you so much grief, move on.

Posted by kibosh

You are working in a hostile and suspicious atmosphere. If you and your colleague decide to file a grievance, you can expect a truly horrible time, though both of you filing may increase your chances of success. You could request a transfer, but this can take a long time, and meanwhile you will have to work under constant attack. If you decide to get out, start to "retreat" from the front line, as it were, and make lots of conciliatory noises so it's obvious you are backing down, keep the head down, and plot your escape. You may just manage to salvage a good HT's report from all this.

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