Michael Russell's warning to incompetent teachers

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The education secretary said some teachers may have to leave because they are not up to the job - especially about adapting teaching methods under CfE. He was furious when interviewed on Radio Scotland, claiming a short answer to a specific question from a two-hour session was taken out of context.

Posted by grunwald

Mike Russell is no fool and probably knows CfE is a dead duck in a time of recession and cutbacks. But this pre-emptive strike has been made before the duckling has hatched!

Posted by bigjimmy

Apparently, older teachers use "worksheets" and "textbooks", so should retire because they won't be able to cope with new-fangled methods of teaching. c Sunday Post 1918.

Posted by airy

I'm getting sick of this nonsense about CfE. Good teaching uses a variety of approaches and always has. If that was all CfE was about, why all the new outcomes and changes to WHAT we teach? They can't make their minds up what they want to change and they won't admit that the majority of teachers are doing a great job. I am fed up with opposition to CfE from teachers being dismissed on the grounds that if you don't like it, you must be crap.

Posted by canofcarrots

There is nothing new under the sun, which is why I, and others, find the CfE push patronising and politically-motivated. Will it weed out teachers who just hand out worksheets and say "get on with it"? There are few around. Standards are high in Scottish schools, but achievement is low. Leave us alone to get on with the job which we are qualified for, and achievement will rise.

Posted by dominie

Those running CfE are light years away from classroom practice. Professional dialogue? Doesn't exist in Scottish education, especially re CfE.

Posted by JPM1967

I have a lot of sympathy with CfE but we all know that the "output" (pupil attainmentknowledgeability - however you define it) has reduced over the years, regardless of the quality of the "input". You can understand why politicians and management feel "something must be done". They must be $hit scared that sitting on their hands doing nothing, and letting us just get on with it, may result in a further decline "on their watch".

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