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Accrued leave changes

Posted by msmilo

Anyone know anything about the changes to accrued leave following maternity leave? Apparently there are significant changes about to happen. I contacted EIS today who said they would send me some information but they didn't really tell me what the changes are. Anyone have any idea?

Posted by argyllgirl

I think what you are referring to was in a TESS article a few weeks ago (January 15, 2010, "New costs are `a killer"') "Cash-strapped councils are set to be hit with a multi-million pound bill, thanks to new regulations giving employees the right to accrue holidays while on maternity leave or off sick," Emma Seith wrote. "Teachers will be responsible for a significant chunk of the unforeseen cost, estimated at pound;20-30 million, due to their long holidays and the need to provide expensive cover for their classes. Until recently, if a teacher was on maternity leave or off sick long-term, he or she was entitled, on return to work, to claim a maximum of 10 days' compensatory leave. Now, however, following recent European Court of Justice rulings, all UK workers who have been on maternity leave are entitled to claim back the leave they missed out on. In the case of a teacher on maternity leave for a year, this could amount to 66 days."

Posted by msmilo

Wow - I hope it comes in soon! I am returning to work in April (been off since 24 July) and am only getting six days accrued leave. If this is right, then I should be entitled to quite a bit extra.

Posted by dominie

The EC decision was several years ago, so it's not as if the councils had no warning. The consequence is as you say, however. Teachers will have to be given the time off or financially compensated. And teaching is now 60 per cent female in secondary and near as damnit 100 per cent in primary. BIG money!

Posted by argyllgirl

It is in teaching that this will have the biggest impact - long holidays and of course a predominantly female workforce. The implications are huge.

Posted by adsa

I contacted my council with the intention of going back to work in May and they advised me that I have an additional 66 days leave to take!! I'm now not back until start of next school year, but I'll be paid from May. So looks like councils have already implemented this.

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