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Probationer jobs

Posted by scottyc73

Hi guys. Just wondering how many secondary probationers out there think they might be in with a chance of a full-time job next term. I know loads of us will be offered supply, but I would love to know the actual employment figures for last year's and this year's probationers - I reckon very, very few of us will get anywhere near a full-time job. They would make interesting reading, especially with an election coming up.

Posted by maryshelley

Situation doesn't seem good. I know of one colleague who has secured a full-time position in Aberdeen, but I am not hopeful. I agree with you that few of us will get full-time jobs. I am not even sure if there will be enough supply to go round.

My council has excess staff and there will be more compulsory transfers, which doesn't help the situation. What with that and more probationers coming through, the outlook is bleak.

If I had known about the job situation, I would never have done the postgrad course last year. I can't say it's been easy, to be honest, and have nearly thrown in the towel on several occasions! I suppose I might be lucky in finding a job outwith teaching if need be, because I have good experience in other industries. Still, not the result I hoped for. It doesn't seem to matter what your subject is either.

Posted by s0791544

I was a probationer last year. I got a full-time temp job for five months, then one for three months. My three-month one is coming to an end and there is limited supply work just now, what with exam leave etc.

Not a great situation. If you have no ties, I suggest looking further than Scotland. I am starting to look for jobs in England, overseas etc. Actually wondering what else I could be qualified for.

Posted by vforvendetta

I assume there will be lots of supply, but many of you will get nothing, because there are five years or more of former probationers after the same supply work. You will be dropped like a hot potato for the next probationer who takes your place. There are a handful of jobs in Scotland, and the number of teachers in schools is on the decline. By this time next year, many of you will have left teaching, be teaching abroad, or scraping by to earn a living., then go to Forums and click on Probationers.

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