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Final term - full timetable or not?

Final term - full timetable or not?

Posted by hopeful01

Has anyone been asked to teach full-time in the final term yet? I'm in a primary school and after yesterday's meeting with our mentor, the other probationer was "asked" about increasing her timetable. It was implied that she would become responsible for her class full-time. I expect I will have this conversation later today. Neither of us is happy to do this, as we are trying to make the most of our 0.3 CPD. Are we being unreasonable?

Posted by Gemand

No. You're only paid 0.7 of FTE salary for your entire probation year and should only work 0.7. The 0.3 CPD time is unpaid. Of course, if there's any chance of a job coming up at the end of your year, you may wish to reach a compromise.

Posted by brawlassie

Take every available opportunity to increase your timetable, including covering classes for other teachers if asked. When you are part of a school staff, you are supposed to act like it and help out whenever you can. In this last term, you must make the most of the teaching time you have. So forget the political correctness and jump in.

Posted by rednelly84

I agree. I was a probationer last year and asked my head if I could teach more and she had no issues with me teaching full-time - she was delighted. I taught full-time from the second week until June and loved having the children to myself. I had a great working relationship with my 0.3, but learnt far more from teaching full-time than 0.7. I had to find other times to plan, organise, gain CPD experience and update my CV - that is what every other FT teacher has to do.

Posted by bubbles13

The "rules" are there for a reason. Lots of teachers are stressed about Curriculum for Excellence - I am lucky enough to get some time in the school day to study the documents. I make myself available to cover other classes when teachers are absent. I shadow other teachers and learn from them. 0.3 time is not for making up CVs. It should be used to increase our professional development and help the children we teach now.

Posted by conival77

Check your school's insurance. You may only be insured for 0.7 FTE. In my local authority, this is the reason cited for not allowing probationers to teach full-time., then click on Forums and Probationers.

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