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Re-starting chartered teacher course

Posted by jonowen

I want to re-start CT - can anyone advise me how to go about it? I did two modules (three years ago) but had such an awful experience (mentor, bad advice, felt isolated) that it made me ill. My job has changed slightly and I feel in a "better place".

Posted by DorothyCoe

It's all about right place, right time. Sounds like you need a provider with a cohort that meets regularly. You may want to look at single modules if the challenge of your work made it difficult to study. Is anyone else in your school or professional circle doing it? Maybe your CPD co- ordinator could connect you with a colleague and you could support each other? Join ACTS.

Posted by munch1

Having a good mentor is so important. I got stuck on how to lay out my submission in the format required. My mentor kept sending it back, telling me to try again and giving me advice on how to make improvements, but I couldn't get it right. I asked around the school and got help from the depute head who had recently completed the headteacher course. He printed a copy of his work written in the same format. This was the help I needed. There will be people in your school or on this forum only too glad to help.

Posted by andbabymade6

I was disheartened as my work kept getting sent back. There was no one in my area doing the accreditation route, so it was isolating. My saving grace was a colleague with CT status who gave me advice, read my stuff over for a second opinion etc. A study buddy is a great way to work.

Posted by jonowen

I will be doing the modular route. Wish I'd started that way. I live in the far north, so online will have to be the way. Aberdeen Uni was my provider, but due to so many things going wrong I'm looking for a different one. Do I contact the GTCS, let my HT know or get started myself?

Posted by tulip1

I'm on my fourth core module and studied for this and the previous one with the University of the West of Scotland online. Contact Linda Lafferty at the Ayr campus. I've found lots of support on this board.

Posted by carol75

I was at Stirling because I found the regular meetings helpful. They have a campus in Inverness, but I don't know if they do CT there - worth an enquiry. Let us know if you need helpsupport. We're here for you., then go to Forums and Chartered teachers.

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