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When do you get a written contract?

When do you get a written contract?

Posted by clairey179

I've been offered a full-time permanent post. It was offered over the phone by the lead interviewer at the end of last week. How soon should I get written confirmation? I'm ecstatic, but until I get the piece of paper in my hand, I won't believe it's going to happen! Should I get in touch with the school or the council? And how soon?

Posted by flamencodancer

You'll have to keep asking for one!

Posted by gemand

The usual procedure is to go to your LA education main office and fill out another disclosure (they will contact you re this). You should then receive your contract once that has been cleared. If in doubt, I would contact the council.

Posted by Flyonthewall75

Your employer is the council, not the school. If you received a verbal offer of the post, the school will inform the council of its decision and the council will send you a letter confirming your appointment. Don't be worried if you don't immediately get a written contract. They often take months to send out.

Posted by piglet171

Dundee gave me one eight months after I started, which was also three weeks before I finished!

Posted by bigjimmy

Make a nuisance of yourself. A few years ago I took up a new post, but I was adamant that I would not resign from my previous post until I got the contract. I contacted HR throughout the month of June and it was a case of "Yeah, yeah" from them. During the first week of the summer holidays I called every day, same blah blah from HR. I told them I was going on holiday and if they didn't get my contract out pronto, they'd have to get a supply teacher for the first few weeks of August because I had to give my previous employer a month's notice. To cut a long story short, I had to go in to the council offices the Friday afternoon before I went on holiday to pick up the contract and sign it. The council dude was noticeably taken aback when I said I was taking a few minutes to read it before signing it! Also, it stated that if it wasn't signed 10 days after the date on the contract, the job would go to someone else. I was going on holiday for a fortnight!

Posted by clairey179

Thanks for all the advice! Phoned the LA, my disclosure etc has been sent out and, apparently, once that's come back, I get a written contract., click on Forums then Opinion.

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