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Proposed budget and COSLA deal for supply teachers

Posted by misslur

The proposals from the Government to give all the current probationers a permanent job at the end of this year will leave virtually no work for anyone else on supply. I wonder how it can even be legal that they are guaranteed a job without even considering those who have been working on supply for some time. I hope the unions are going to propose action soon.

Posted by vforvendetta

I've also heard they are contemplating reducing supply rates. At present, we receive a higher daily rate to make up for holidays. They may well be thinking of doing away with the holiday pay. If that happens, you'll find supply teachers will lose a hefty portion of their annual income. Not only that, it gives local authorities less incentive to create permanent jobs when they can just put everyone on cheaper supply rates. Teachers will leave in droves, and we'll have another crisis.

Posted by ScotSEN

As I understand it, supply teachers will be paid for the number of hours in front of the pupils. So no idea when they are supposed to do planning marking etc. Also, they will be paid at the bottom of the pay scale. However, from what has been said, schools should not be employing teachers on supply for long periods of time (ie I think more than four weeks). If cover is required for a longer time, then the teacher should be given a temp contract when I assume - and no one has told me this - the teacher returns to their point on the pay scale and is paid for 35 hours a week (although we all know we work for more than 35 hours).

Posted by bigjimmy

Too right they will, veef. It's a bloody disgrace all this nonsense, isn't it? It's peoples lives, their livelihoods, we're talking about.

Posted by halfajack

But ... everyone is entitled by law to holiday pay. To take away holiday pay for supply teachers, they would have to change employment law (for all, not just teachers), wouldn't they? Then we'd be back in ... what century?

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