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Budget proposals - MSP replies?

Posted by halfajack

I've urged people to write to MSPs about the above and how they'll affect us. I have heard nothing back and neither have any of my friends or colleagues. I've written again to my own constituency MSP (SNP) expressing my increased concern at the lack of response. I am particularly concerned as one of the things I asked was for her to seek assurance that supply teachers would continue to be employed based on length of service. If I've had no reply, should I assume not?

Posted by airy

I wrote to half a dozen MSPs. Three wrote back. The SNP blame local authorities for not choosing to spend money on education, Labour vow to fight cuts which will impact on children's education and the Lib Dems were very understanding but again said this was an LA issue. I know from previous and lengthy correspondence with union and MSPs that the commitment to employing supply teachers after two years is a local agreement only so it's up to your LA rather than MSPs.

Posted by misslur

Other than my initial response from Mike Russell I have had no response. A colleague went to the EIS meeting for temp teachers and they said there are no answers at the moment as it has not been open for debate yet. I think it will depend a lot on the LA you are in.

Posted by halfajack

I got two responses today. One from my constituency MSP (Labour) and one from one of my regional MSPs (SNP). Labour MSP blames the SNP for forcing LAs into a deal in order to facilitate council tax freeze. SNP MSP blames LAs, especially Labour, for the proposals. He states any change will be a result of tripartite discussions (Government, Cosla and unions) in December and it is up to them to find other possible means of reaching the same financial target. Neither make any reference to my concern about the continuity of my employment as a long-term supply teacher.

Posted by halfajack

Another response today from a regional Conservative MSP. She basically blames Labour for the need to make cuts.

I'm trying to encourage more colleagues to get involved but I think too many are complacent as they don't see themselves being directly affected. They're in for a shock if things go ahead. then go to Forums and click on Opinion.

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