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Chatroom - Anyone watch Pre-teen Proms?

Posted by aw99

It was awful (not the hair, just the programme in general). Shouldn't kids be kept as kids?

Posted by Winaukee

Only managed a few minutes of the programme and the behaviour of the deputy (I think) was amusing or worrying, depending on your point of view. The Xmas dances at my school are turning into crazy over the top nights these days and it is the PE department that has promoted the need for fancy dresses and limos.

Posted by halfajack

I half watched it and did catch someone mentioning that the kids had been rehearsing for three months for the event. Three months!? A quarter of a calendar year spent practising some (at times slightly inappropriate) dancing for one night?

Posted by gibbous99

I was pretty shocked when I watched this. I can't believe that those teachers were promoting that style of dancing, allowing a cocktail bar (non-alcoholic I know!) and worst of all, voting on the couple most likely to be married. and the teachers voted too! Are they just plain stupid or just very very naive? Sorry, too much of a case of `getting down with the kids' for me.

Posted by Flyonthewall75

Yes, indeed, but is that not what HMIE and others are actively encouraging schools to do? Primary schools are expected to consult pupils about almost everything, make the children take responsibility for their own learning and let them choose the topics they want to study. We are living in an upside-down world where children have the power of adults and too many adults behave like children. Let children enjoy the experience of being children, let parents concentrate on supporting their own children and please, please let teachers get on with teaching.

Posted by halfajack

Oh yes, I'd forgotten - the hands behind head, winding down slowly to floor, wiggling hips as if lap dancing was utterly disturbing. Was shocked to see a primary teacher teaching this move to her class. I think there is a damn good case for the Dashing White Sergeant or even the ruddy Birdie Dance.

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