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Chatroom - The chartered teacher scheme: worthwhile?

Posted by soscared

Can anyone tell me if it is worthwhile beginning this process? Our authority is making some major cutbacks and this was mentioned as being one of them. If I complete it, can they refuse to pay me the chartered teacher rate? It's not about money, but it is the principle of the matter that they could break that agreement. I'm interested in beginning a university course but if this will no longer be recognised then I would look to do something more useful or practical.

Posted by jonowen

I think entry to CT is now frozen, but continuing CTs are able to complete the course and will be paid accordingly if successful.

Posted by davieee

Entry to the chartered teacher scheme has not been frozen (yet).

Posted by minisuit

Apparently, there will be a freeze on progression through the CT scheme, but if you are currently working on a module, you will be accredited for this when you pass.

Posted by Oxber7

I have heard from a union rep that chartered teachers will have a conserved salary for three years.

Posted by laura1008

I am also wondering if it is worth beginning this process. I am studying for my diploma in inclusive education at the moment and was planning on starting the chartered teacher course in August. However, I don't know whether this will be too late. I have sought advice from universities, my union and council and nobody seems to be able to help.

Posted by holdingon

The chartered teacher system has been something that Scotland could be proud of, but alas.

[QQ] Q Posted by laura1008

Yes, I totally agree. In one breath they want to encourage teachers towards masters degrees, but in the same breath they want to stop chartered teachers.

Posted by davieee

I think it boils down to control. Many heads see chartered teachers as jumped up teachers who can write essays that are outwith their control. What heads actually want is the return of some form of senior teacherassistant principal teacher (selected by them) who they can delegate tasks to., then go to Forums and click on Chartered Teachers.

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