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Chatroom - Glasgow supply

Posted by jhu03154

I worked for Glasgow last year and have nine months' continuous service. When I phoned the other day, I was told where I was on the list, but as of Thursday, when the schools go back, the list no longer exists and my service will go back to zero unless I get work. This puts me in the same position as people with no service at all and it will just be a case of who phones through first. Is it right that all the service you have built up can just be taken away from you if you don't work the start of term?

Posted by lutimer4th

As far as I know, even a day's break in service will result in the loss of continuous service accrued.

Posted by NC1927

I'm in the same boat and was told the same. I have been really lucky so far. After my probationary, I worked up north in permanent position for nine months and gave it up for a one-year contract with Glasgow. Unfortunately the staffing changed in the school, and after the first term I found myself with the joy of phoning every day to be told there was nothing, although I scraped a few days here and there. Luckily I ended up back in the same school just before Christmas and worked there through to the summer.

However, the break in my service puts me back to square one. I think my luck has finally run out! I never expected to be handed a job on a plate, but I did expect a reasonable amount of supply work to support myself. This looks increasingly unlikely.

Posted by piglet171

It's a matter of right place, right time. A friend of mine rang a council last April to ask a question about her disclosure, asked if there happened to be any supply, and was told to ring back the next day. She ended up accepting a temp maternity cover till summer, but that has been extended till next April, so she will have built up a year's continuous service. I'm very glad, as she has had a hard time and needed a lucky break!

I have had two years' worth of temp maternity contracts, but each time the teacher has come back very close to the end of the year. Lucky to have secured a part-time permanent contract now, which I intend to bulk out with day-to-day supply.

I have been told that all the Catholic ex-probationers in Dundee got permanent contracts, as there was a shortage of Catholic teachers. I think they are now filling up with non-Catholics. If you are Catholic and willing to move, might be worth a call.

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