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Chatroom - Help! Is anyone else worriedterrified?

Posted by chemicalwedding

I'm really scared about starting probation. I have a P7 class which was the one stage I didn't want. I had a hard time on the PGDE and only just managed to get through, due to an awful placement, where I was bullied and left demoralised. I was close to not even going through with probation and deciding that teaching is not for me, but decided I should try it to be sure. Although I did enjoy some of my training, I found the worklife balance, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep hard to deal with. After a lovely summer, I am now filled with dread. Is anyone else feeling this way? I know I should be excited but I'm just not. Any advice?

Posted by whispy-willow

The best piece of advice I can give you is that every schoolclass is different, so try not to worry too much. This is my second year and I too have apprehensions about my class. Yes, there's a large workload to begin with, but you are given 0.3 time to help cope, to use for planning and getting used to the policies, systems and resources of the school in the first term, so just focus on finding your feet. You will have plenty of time to undertake other CPD opportunities once you are settled. Your mentor and other staff are your best resource. They will understand how you are feeling and help if you need it.

Posted by Irmemac

Hi, this is my third year after probation, and I'm still worried about going back. Whispy Willow is right, every school is different, and you will probably have a great year and build up a good relationship with your mentor. In my probation year, I got a huge amount of support and advice from the staff. The worklife balance is easier for some than others, but most teachers find things getting easier as they get used to them. A lot of the pressure is fear of the unknown, and once you get into school, the workload, although big, is not so scary when you know what you're doing. Find out how other staff make things easier for themselves. P7 can be great, and you can have a really close relationship with them. Be firm but fair, and gain their respect. That's most of the battle. Because they are upper school, they can work more on their own initiative, self and peer- mark etc, and all with less spoon-feeding. By the September weekend, a lot of the fear will have eased. You can also ask on this forum: there are lots of people willing to help.

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