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Chatroom - How many extra hours?

Posted by jonowen

I have spent ages trawling SNCT (Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers)McCrone pages to find out how many meetings we have to attend over the course of one school year. I am none the wiser. Can someone please explain how the extra time is divided up with parents' nights, report writing and so on?

Posted by mydoll

You won't find a breakdown of hourly allocations for working time agreements within the SNCT handbook. The WTA is a school-based negotiation. Within your school, teachers' side should propose genuine allocation of hours which reflects how much time they actually spend on planning, preparation, assessment, reporting etc. In other words, how much time does it really take to do the things which must be done? Anything left can be allocated (by negotiation) to the school improvement plan, etc and said plan costed against available hours.

Posted by jonowen

How do you know if you are not doing enough or doing too much?

Posted by readyfortheweekend

I'm in primary and we have 195 hours to complete each year (the difference between our 35-hour working week, less class contact and non-class contact time). Our WTA is divided into four sections - reporting, forward planning, liaison time and flexible time - and there are rough guidelines on time attached for each section. We negotiated roughly 57 hours for reporting (preparation time and parents' evenings), 32 for forward planning, 20 for liaison (staff meetings, union meetings, etc) and the remaining time is flexible for unforeseen events such as HMIE.

Posted by Dominie

Your working hours are 38 weeks times 35 hours plus one week equivalent of inservice days. The latter is normally accepted as being at the disposal of the headteacherlocal authority, but should be the subject of consultation. A typical week is 22.5 hours max contact plus 7.5 hours guaranteed prep time. The remaining five hours times 38 weeks should be negotiated between the head and the union reps.

Some heidies think they can dictate what they want. They can't. If union reps (supported by members) refuse to accept the heidie's proposals, they should insist on a ballot (secret) of teaching staff to prove their point., then go to Forums and Opinion.

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