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Chatroom - Meeting your new S1s before the holidays

Posted by kisungura

Do you like or loathe meeting your new S1s before the hols?

Posted by catmother

I find that there's no real advantage in seeing them. This year I didn't - they came on a day I didn't have them on my timetable.

Posted by argyllgirl

Maybe not for you - but just maybe to them.

Posted by sel_chick

I find it a bit of a waste. We end up seeing them for about half the period by the time they've all arrived, and have had to leave early. They've had such a variety of experiences of the subject at primary, and there's no real time to do anything of use that they know the background of, or haven't done before. Like catmother, they weren't on my timetable the days they were up this year.

Posted by bigjimmy

Yup, a bit of a waste. Only benefit I see is me appearing to be a "hard b@stard" to shiny wee new pupils. Hopefully, they'll remember I don't stand for any nonsense and behaviour will be OK from day one. I have three S1 classes next year, so I'm sure I'll get all sorts. Then they find out I'm really a big softie.

Posted by mathsguy

It's not about how the teachers feel. My son has just spent two days in the big school. He met loads of new people, got a taste of what to expect and now feels happier about the whole process. It's difficult for pupils to cope with the changeover to the academy, but the two-day visit allowed them to get accustomed to it in a safe and friendly way. He made a lot of new friends, got an idea of how the period system worked, had a chance to find his way around the school and got introduced to his S6 buddies (along with other things that I couldn't really keep up with as he spoke at 100mph). No matter how I feel, the P7 visits are great for the pupils. And that's what it's for, isn't it?

Posted by catmother

This is a forum for teachers. Therefore, it's all about how we feel.

Posted by SaintED

I think it's good for the kids to get acquainted with the school and for teachers to see their prospective little angels and devils. At least we know a little what to expect. I have seen mine and I cannae wait until August., then forum and Opinion.

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