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Chatroom - Pay when off for snow

Posted by clairey179

I was wondering if anyone knew how our pay works at the moment? My authority is keeping all its schools closed again tomorrow, and we've been closed since Monday. I'm full-time, so will I still get my normal pay?

Posted by jonowen

If you have a permanent contract, you will be paid - it's not our fault.

Posted by clairey179

That's excellent news, thank you! I feel sorry for the teachers on supply - it doesn't seem very fair on them if they don't get paid.

Posted by Patsy99

What happens if you have been asked verbally to work until Xmas? Do you still get paid?

Posted by vforvendetta

If it's no fault of your own, I don't see why they shouldn't pay you, especially if you have no notice. However, in these days of austerity, they will try to save every penny.

Posted by Dominie

It's by no means guaranteed that teachers with permanent contracts will be paid! My advice to teachers who are "snowed off" is to ensure they can show evidence that they undertook appropriate work at home, eg professional reading, marking, lesson preparation, planning, checking out website for classroom use, YouTube videos for curricular use, etc.

Posted by jonowen

In Highland region the server was out of action until December 6, due to a flood. I could have worked at home, had I been able to access school email etc. We are off today because the buses are frozen.

Posted by carol75

My authority closed all schools at 7am on Monday and expects to open them next Monday at the earliest. Rumours are spreading that we'll be made to "pay back" the time - possibly by working a week in the summer hols.

Posted by jonowen

Off again today, this time cos school has no electricity.

Posted by Prudent

I have been catching up on some things, but this has been limited by not knowing I might need to work at home. I would have taken home a planning folder, my memory stick, my Glow password etc. We are not set up by the authority to work at home. then go to Forums and click on Opinion.

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