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Chatroom - Pupils used to interview teachers

Posted by canofcarrots

Children are being used to interview teachers for the job - that's just ridiculous.

Posted by belimcfail

I totally agree with you. They don't have the perspective to make this kind of decision. They are looking for someone to have a laugh with. Sorry, we're not there to be your pal, we're there to teach you. It's a step too far.

Posted by canofcarrots

This is just another example of the "youth club" mentality towards school. The weans are there to learn, not to muck about and have fun. Schooling should be a serious business, yet it is increasingly seen as something frivolous. School should be difficult, otherwise how are kids going to survive in the big, bad world of deadlines and meetings?

Posted by pete sake

Will the sprogs be on the interview panel for headteachers, heads of service and directors of education? I don't think so! This is a clear crossing of the line. Being listened to is one thing, but kids having an influence on making decisions on someone's career is another. It's completely wrong.

Posted by Raymagnol

Giving pupils a final say isn't feasible, but I don't see anything wrong with candidates being asked to teach an observed specimen lesson and pupil evaluations being taken into account by the panel, or candidates meeting informally with a responsible student council that has received training in what to look for. Let's face it, teachers spend all their time with the pupils, and will never meet the local authority bods on the panel ever again. If pupils have well-reasoned views on candidates, it's worth considering them.

Posted by canofcarrots

There's your problem. The majority don't! Asking 10-year-olds, even some at 14-15, to have any say on the future career of an adult is patronising and wrong. We did not study for six years to be judged by children in any way. More modern claptrap which is driving the profession into the gutter.

Posted by kibosh

Och, why not? In for a penny in for a pound - let's get them to write and deliver Curriculum for Excellence. And while we are at it, I reckon patients should sit on the panel for medical staff interviews and social workers should only be appointed if the people who comprise their caseload agree.

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