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Chatroom - Read this before giving up your day job

Posted by Freddie92

Do not give up a career or a good job for teaching at present. Or you will lose your home.

Posted by Lorz83

I appreciate how tough it is out there. Because I've gone ahead and applied, does not mean I'm an idiot, it simply means I've made the informed choice that it's worth the risk. I'll give it five years, then move on.

Posted by Korky

Not everyone is mortgaged to the hilt, and for a number of people there is little financial risk in training to be a teacher. But for those who need to hit the ground running after probation, there are a few cautionary tales on here. Do your homework, look at the teacher demographics, and go in with your eyes open.

Posted by Trubador

All the rubbish about retiring teachers must be one of the longest-running cons in history. I think they do it to keep a surplus of teachers on their books. Without it there would be a dearth, and thus a government in real trouble `cause wee Johnny ain't got a maths teacher.

Posted by Aldo 1983

If uni tries to feed you nonsense about 20,000 people about to retire in six months, take it with a barrow of salt. There will never be a mass retiral and those who do, have a habit of coming back (who can blame them? It earns them a few bob on their pension and stops them thinking about death for a few hours).

Posted by grayst

Had a chat with a secondary teacher yesterday. Her view from the staff- room is retiral rates are going to shoot up as a few of the oldsters don't fancy having anything to do with CfE.

Posted by jhp05269

I think you are all crazy. My friend has decided to go into teaching and gave up her well-paid job. Stupid.

Posted by grayst

There are 55,766 teachers in Scotland: 63 per cent of them are over 50; 23 per cent over 55. It's apparent that a massive ****-up was made in expanding training too much in the wake of McCrone, but this is a problem which demographics will progressively solve.

Posted by bigjimmy

Best-case scenario - all 23 per cent of over-55s retire in five years aged 60, ie 13,000 vacancies in 2014. Would you hang about for one?

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