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Chatroom - Who's to blame for the failure of CfE?

What's happening on the TES Scotland forums

What's happening on the TES Scotland forums

Posted by xmal

First, the architects. They created abstract, woolly ideals; idealistic and unintelligible. Second, successive governments. They refused to listen to teachers' warnings about the "curriculum", instead churning out meeja- friendly sound bites. Third, the meeja. Lazy hacks, having been fed copy- ready press releases, couldn't be bothered to investigate.

Posted by DAM298

It's not started, so give it a chance. What concerns me is the move away from knowledge to skills. If all we're to do is teach pupils to learn how to learn, what are they learning? Building the Curriculum 3 stresses the importance of subjects and knowledge; that seems to have been forgotten.

Posted by bigjimmy

It will fail. The more I find out about it, the more I despair. Two-and-a- half weeks to go before we start with S1 and I ain't got a feckin' clue. Nobody has. Also, we're teaching pupils for qualifications that are non- existent!

Posted by grunwald

You forgot the unions. The EIS sat on the fence. Instead of taking a scalpel to the verbiage that is CfE, the unions dithered until it was too late, and spouted about creating a new system of excellence.

Posted by airy

It won't fail. It will fade into the background and become more about teaching methods, not content, and we'll carry on as before but with more Assessment is for Learning embedded in our daily teaching. I'm sad to see some of that idealism go but what was proposed was too big a shift at once, and the watered-down version isn't worth much.

Posted by Freddie92

I can't see it being allowed to fail - it will be spun to be a success. The real failure is lack of substance, buzzwords and jargon. For the past couple of years, we've been unpacking experiences and outcomes and I have been designing new courses etc. I still don't know what it's about.

Posted by bigjimmy

We have changed our S1 courses to make them more "active", ie we've got a few diagrams that pupils will work actively to re-assemble - but the remaining 48 minutes of the 50-minute period will be the same. Same resources, virtually the same course, same homeworks, same end-of-unit tests etc. It's re-labelled CfE, but it's much the same., click on Forums then Opinion.

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