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Che sara sara

North Lanarkshire members of the Educational Institute of Scotland had their usual fun at the expense of the national leadership at their recent annual bash.

Was it not ever thus? A vote of no confidence in the union's McCrone negotiators tied 30-30 before chairperson Peter Lavery used his casting vote to see off the motion.

Those selfsame negotiators, of course, received 80 per cent backing in the union's subsequent national ballot, which just goes to show that some people siply will not take yes for an answer.

The North Lanarkshire bosses were not so lucky when they tried to oppose a proposal that the EIS should send two delegates to an anti-capitalist demo in Genoa in July.

Secretary Drew Morrice sacrificially (but jokingly, we are assured) offered to travel to Italy if the motion was passed at the EIS national conference in June. He might get his wish: the North Lanarkshire comrades approved by 29 votes to 24.

Arrivederci Drew.

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