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Cheerful givers?

TO BE represented by your cartoonist as an ICT Luddite is, I suppose, a kind of compliment, but oversimplification is the stuff of cartoons.

I share misgivings about lottery funding, not only with many Christians but also with most Muslims.

A nation intoxicated with the need for high-quality education should not need to pay for ICT training of all things with the lottery, which is, in net terms, a regressive tax on the poor.

"The Lord," we read, "loves a cheerfu giver". An important part of English education depends on "givers" who are not conscious, let alone cheerful, as they fund the task of upgrading the skills stock. They are victims of illusory hopes whose motive is to take from, rather than give to, the nation's future.

That, apparently, is what we mean by "a learning society".

Richard Wilkins

General secretary

Association of Christian Teachers

94A London Road,

St Albans, Hertfordshire

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