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Child fitness: All eyes on fit Swedes

Original magazine headline: All eyes on fit Swedes

It's said that adults will go to great lengths to get children moving. That's why some of the least active pupils in the UK are visiting one of the sportiest countries in the world.

Ten teenagers from Hodge Hill, Birmingham, are jetting off to Sweden, where more than half of the population engages in some kind of physical activity. Only 13 per cent of adults in Hodge Hill do regular exercise.

The Hodge Hill pupils will get a taste of Swedish sporting life and will identify good practice. The Swedish pupils will also get a taster of the Birmingham pupils' food and lifestyle when the UK cohort cooks up a balti at a themed British evening.

Karina Bowkett, health project worker within Birmingham City Council's youth service, said: "People might not associate a balti with keeping fit but we want to show the Swedes something of our culture."

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